Two Ways To Tell If You Have An Angry Teen

By Broyde McDonald

There are many angry teens in the world, but then you still need to ask whether or not your teen is one of them. And my guess is that you are wondering if your teen can be classified as an angry teen because when he was a child there was just no way that you thought that your little precious would grow into the strange person that he is becoming.

Now the ideas that follow are not the only ways you can tell if there is an anger problem to solve, but if these two symptoms are there then you look more closely at sorting out your teens' anger.

Physical fighting

How much does your teen get into actual physical fights with other people? Just for the record, there are some teens that never get into fights. And then there are some who fight as if it were on a regular schedule. It is sometimes as regular as once a week and sometimes even more than that.

Sometimes teens fight as a matter of playing a rough and deadly game, but there are also some that fight with a passion and the intent is to really hurt someone else. If your teen falls into the second category, you need to bless him by helping learn to control and manage his anger.

Losing temper

How much does it take for him to lose his temper? Do small issues cause him to lose it? When his temper is lost how much time does it take for him to get calm again? Too long?

These are the type of questions that you will need to have answered so that you can make a good decision concerning this matter. If your opinion is that he lets go of his temper for small reasons, and he is angry for too long, then you should look at the situation as if a problem is there.

Now he might think that nothing is wrong with him or his temper, but then you are still not finished with him yet. You are still shaping his outlook and giving him directions about the way you want him to go. Just have him understand that you feel as if some things are out of place, and you need him for both of your sakes to learn something about anger management so that you both will know that he knows how to do things better than he is doing them right not. - 31891

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