Suggestions For Practicing Anger Management For Men

By Eddie Lamb

There are many reasons that men get mad. Often it is the result of a significant event that has disrupted a person's normal life. Sometimes stress from daily life builds up and a person may find themselves having a hard time coping or unable to participate the normal daily activities that they once enjoyed. When anger management for men in your position becomes an concern, there are many sources available to assist in working through the issues and making healthy changes that will be beneficial.

Many of the resources that women use when they are dealing with negative feelings do not work well for men. Most men have difficulty talking about feelings or inadequacy in situations. They often have a very hard time responding appropriately when they feel they are losing control of life situations. This is magnified when there has been a sudden change in circumstances and they feel they have not control of the events that have occurred.

Fear is one of the primary roots for negativity. A person gets irritated when they are caught unaware by sudden events that frighten them. This is a normal response to fear and often when a person recognizes the fear and addresses their options they can work through it effectively. However, when a person cannot recognize the fear, they often will begin exhibiting verbal outbursts and other negative behaviors that hurt their loved one's feelings. This becomes a cycle that can be very difficult to break.

The key to breaking this cycle is to acknowledge the feeling that is causing the outburst or negative behavior. Spending a minute before you open your mouth to identify what is really making you "mad" will help you to take a step back and take control of your emotions and the situation.

Another great way to break the cycle is to give the family a key word. When they recognize you are getting mad, they give you the key word and you go for a walk around the block. This is not difficult and does not require discussion. When a person is getting uptight they go through various stages.

A cooling off period is important. Many times loved ones will recognize you getting irritated before you do. Having a key word and going for a walk around the block will give you a chance to walk off the energy that has been building up and give your loved ones a chance to breathe a bit and calm down.

Another way to avoid behaving badly is to get in the habit of thankfulness. Every time you touch your front doorknob, think to yourself, "Today is the day I'm going to be happy about...." It doesn't have to be a big thing. As a matter of fact, it can be as simple as "Today is the day I'm going to be happy about getting a donut." It is almost impossible to be annoyed when you are giving your brain positives.

When you want to get more tips and methods for effective anger management for men, you will find that there are abundant resources available. You may want to talk to a professional who can give you details about exercises and steps to becoming more positive or you may find that a training class or online course will be helpful. Once you begin to feel in control of your emotions and most positive, you will find that anger will no longer be the issue that it had become. - 31891

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