How To Tell If You Have Anger Problems

By Broyde McDonald

If you have anger problems, the chances are high that you already know that you do. You would have been seeing the signs as you went about your way. The problem may be however that even though the signs were there, you did not know what the meaning of them was.

This article briefly tells of 6 ways to determine if you have an anger problem.

Losing control

If you are a person who loses control when you are angry you have an anger problem.

In reality, you do not have to actually lose control of yourself for you to have a problem with anger. There only needs to be a concern or fear on your part that you might lose control. And once this fear is present you should look at yourself as one who will benefit from getting help with managing your anger.


Is the majority of your time meeting you feeling annoyed, tense, irritated, and frustrated? Then you should get some help with managing your anger. It is likely that you have an anger problem.

Gossip, do you do it?

We often think that a gossip just likes to talk negatively about other people. However, being a gossip is also a potential sign that a person is having problems with expressing and controlling their anger. This person might have an anger problem.

That's unfair

There are some people who feel as if the whole world treats them unfairly. If you tend to feel this way, you may be cursed in life, or you may be over exaggerating the situation. Whichever it is, you too might be facing an unknown anger problem.


Sassyness is another way that anger problems show up. If you tend to be insulting and otherwise verbally assaulting, if you yourself do not have an anger problem, you might just be contributing to one in the people around you.

These kind of actions need to be stopped.

Striking out

It may be that because of angry feelings that you have physically lashed out, and were assaultive to another person, or damaged property. If this talks about you then you too have an anger problem.

All of these problems can be fixed. The most important thing that you need to bring with you is a desire to change. - 31891

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