How To Parent The Angry Teen

By Broyde McDonald

It is a normal thing to see a teenager that is angry for one reason or another. And sometimes his anger is just a function of his immaturity, while at other times his reasons for being angry are quite justifiable. Being a parent of an angry teen, there are some things that you can do to make your angry teen situation less strenuous for both you and the teen you are concerned about. This article mentions some of them.

Be loving

It is by truly from your heart loving an angry teen that you earn the ability to become one of the most influential people in his life. Know that your love will cause you to be concerned, and there is nothing wrong with your concern becoming noticeable to him.

When he goes out, ask him where he is off to, who he is going there with, how long will he be, and what else you think is important for you to know. You need to be humble and strong enough to take your feelings being hurt. He may not like having to give you this information, but when your concern is realized, he will understand that you are for him.

Do this. Your concern and care will be big source of motivation for him.


You want to do more than just love your teen; you also want to let him see that you respect him. If he is not respected by anyone else, he should know that he already has yours. Once he has your respect, it is unlikely that you teen will let you down. Not only that, but he will develop a concern for what you think as well.

It is important that you also respect yourself if your respect for your teenager is going to mean much to him. This really means that no matter what your weaknesses or strengths may be, you have to always think respectfully about yourself. I will say that matter what your weaknesses or strengths may be, you have to always think respectfully about yourself.

No shouting

Don't ever raise your voice at your teenager. When your voice goes up, it is a sign that you are out of control. Look at the results of shouting. It has never calmed things down. What it does is make the one you are shouting at angry and rebellious toward you.

When you raise your voice, it only sets you back from what you are trying to accomplish. - 31891

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