How To Deal With The Angry Teen

By Broyde McDonald

Don't let it freak you out if you are the parent of an angry teenager. This is not an unusual occurrence. Yes, you wish that everything was happier, but it isn't right now. However, there are things that you can do to improve the chances that everything will turn out well for you both. This article mentions a few of them.

Show him your love

Being a loving and caring parent that shows his concern is good for an angry teen. Let him know that he has yours. If not right now, it will eventually mean a lot to him.

Stay cool

When you are angry at your teen, make sure that you do not shout at him. When you shout it is just as if you are saying that you have no more control. And it also makes other people angry. If you want your teen to rebel against you, then shout at him.

Respect the teen

Don't just love and have concern for your teen, you need to also respect him. Your respect will play a big role in causing him to respect your influence and in return respect you as well.

Your self respect

If your teen is going to work with you, he needs to respect you as well as you respecting him. This means that you will not tolerate him raising his voice at you or ignoring you etc. And because he is angry does not mean that he is excused from his household and family responsibilities either.

Look him straight in the eyes and stand up to him. Don't wimp out on him.


Put effort into understanding what is making him angry. Know up front that if you just came out and asked him why he is angry that it is not likely that you will get the right answer. By observing him you will be able to see best what it is that is likely bothering him.

Many instances of teen anger is caused by depression. Get to understand what you need to about depression and how it affects teenagers.

Home for the solution

The best solutions to anger problems will be worked out right inside your home. you should seriously consider doing an anger management class along with your angry teen. By doing the class with him, you will be able to help him through his exercises and for the most part give more shaping to the character you are developing. - 31891

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