How To Control Anger...Four Important Steps

By Broyde McDonald

How to control anger...the ways to do it are probably endless. If I were to begin trying to list the ways for you, it would be more than you are willing to see right now. What you will find is that as you spend time looking for ways to control anger you will find out more and more about what you need to know. And once you know what to do you will then see how it is applied to your situation.

On this page we are only considering four out of a multitude of possible things that people do to keep their anger manageable.

The first thing you do is make sure that your point of view is understood. Many instances of uncontrolled anger come from the person who hold things inside them and do not make their wishes clear. Avoid doing this.

These people tend to have a habit of keeping their wishes down and in situations of disagreement always allow the other person to have their way. They do it for so long until it reaches the point where they have given so much that they start to feel cheated. Then one day someone tries to get them to continue giving and they have had enough of it. The result is that they explode with anger. And it often looks as if the anger they showed was much bigger than the situation had called for. So one way for you to control your anger is to make sure that you are being more assertive.

How to control anger...A second thing you can do to get your anger controlled is to get to know more and more about yourself. You want to be able to tell what you are feeling and thinking when you are starting to get mad. If you are able to get control when you are starting to get mad you will be able to control it better than if you were already boiling over with anger instead.

Know the situations that make you angry. Then all you need to do to keep anger controlled is to avoid these situations.

Thirdly...When you are controlling anger, you are making the effort to avoid acting out in anger. You can do this by talking to someone about the things that get you mad.

If you find that there is someone who understands your point of view concerning infuriating things, it is likely that you will no longer react so sharply in anger to such events. It would be as if there is someone on your side helping you to carry the load. With this kind of help, it is less likely that you will fly off the handle.

Write about your anger. And do not underestimate the power of this simple act. This is the fourth thing you can do.

When the things that make you mad are put out on paper, you get a chance to look at the problem as if it were someone else's problem instead of your own. This means that you are able to look at this problem for someone else and think about ways that they can be helped. The only thing is that instead of telling someone else what to do, you will be applying your wisdom to your own situation. The thing is that you a better way of arriving at the answers you need. - 31891

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