Understanding The 3 Ways How Expressing Anger Is Usually Done

By Broyde McDonald

People express anger differently and different results are achieved based on how the anger is expressed. We all get angry that is the truth, and we all express our anger, but while some of us do it in a harmful way, some of us do it in a way that helps us and our neighbors.

This article talks about expressing anger and how it can be done so that people are helped and not destroyed.

Inward expression

There are basically three categories to describe the way that people express their anger. First there is an inward expression. This is the most danger form of expression as it relates personally to you. With this kind, you keep your anger inside and do not speak out about it. What then happens is the anger is incubated, and turns into rage.

But that is not all that happens with this form of expression. This expression also has the ability to make you sick. It is often found in the people who deal with their anger this way that illnesses like high blood pressure, depression, and heart disease get to them often as a direct result of the way they deal with their anger.

Outward expression

Anger that is expressed outwardly reveals itself in shouting, sarcasm, threatening and violence. While it is a better way for you personally to express your anger, the difficulty with doing this is that often times other people return this expression with an angry reaction of their own. The end result of this is a problem that extends beyond the moment.


The best way by far to express is anger is with a form called calming. Using this form, you don't get sick and others are not angered by you. When using this form, you are using your best chances of getting your situation fixed so that not only are you not angry, but others are not angered by you either.

Learning how to calmly channel your anger involves learning to be in control of yourself during the time between you are angered and the time you respond to your anger. There are plenty of anger management strategies that can help you do this. - 31891

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