Revealed How To Tell If You Have An Anger Problem

By Broyde McDonald

Anger problems are not always known to the person who has them until they have already done something to hurt someone. The signs were there all along, but what they didn't know about, they could not fix.

This article talks about how you can tell if you have an anger problem or not. If you do have one, your next step will be to fix it before you get into trouble from it.


How do you feel when you get angry? Are you concerned that you are going to lose control. Or have you ever lost control before.

If your answers are yes, then you are in fact having a problem managing your anger and you should work on your anger problem.


How is it, do you sometimes, or even many times feel within yourself that you do not treat other people as you should? The reality might even be that you are verbally assaulting and you know that you are.

Here again in these situations you should get help with managing your anger.

Lashing out

When angry, do you lash out physically? Do you hit people or destroy property? If you do, you have an anger problem and you should look into getting it fixed right away.


The thing is gossip is something that some people just like to do. However, it can also be a sign of an anger problem. Some people gossip because that is how they are, and other people do it with completely malicious intent.

The substitute

You may even be in situation where one person bothers you and you take the anger you have for him out on someone else.

Situations like this often happen when you are afraid of what the person who gets on your nerves can do to you. But you are still angry and then someone you are not scared of comes your way and you vent your anger on them.

You know that this is not right.

The solution

This kind of behavior has solutions. Do an anger management class; all of these awkward situations will be fixed. - 31891

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