Expressing Anger In Productive Ways

By Broyde McDonald

Anger is an emotion that every person has, and the one thing that every person does is express anger in one form or another. The problem is that not everybody expresses anger in good ways. This article talks about how anger is expressed and how you can make sure that your anger does not cause problems for you.

Three expressions...

Anger is typically expressed in three different ways. Some people express it outwardly; others people inwardly, and still other control and calm it down.

Outward expressions are shown when you scream, become sarcastic, insulting, threatening or violent.

The outward expression is a bad way of dealing with anger. It often leads to a variety of different problems. One of the biggest problems with it is that your anger levels go up, and it often creates situations where other people react angrily toward you.

Expressing anger inwardly is different but it is no less destructive. This kind of anger expression not only leads to rage being formed in you, but it also leads to the formation of major illnesses; The more common illnesses being depression and high blood pressure.

There is another expression referred to as controlled anger. This is the good way of expressing anger because it reduces the chances of you becoming ill, and it is also less likely to produce the results of returned aggression.

How To Express Anger Correctly...

If you are going to get into the habit of expressing your anger correctly, you are going to have to learn to control the gap or time period between the time you start to feel angry, and the time you respond to it.

You will be able to find numerous anger management strategies that will help you to do this, but as a recommendation, I suggest you do two things. First you should stop what you are doing, and then take some deep breaths and count to ten or more than ten until you are calm and ready to give a gentle answer.

Secondly, if you look at yourself and can see a problem, or if you are getting ready to lose something that is important to you then you should do an anger management class. When surveyed, these classes are reported as being more than 95% successful in changing attitude and behavior. Another good thing about them is they work in short amounts of time. Two months is enough time for you to achieve satisfactory results. - 31891

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