Coping With Anger

By Broyde McDonald

Your goal is to get rid of your anger. Only coping with it is a bad idea.

When you cope with anger, it is as if you are still allowing it a place in your life. You may often think about what makes you angry and not act out about it, but that is not the best you can do. There is a problem because you are still allowing the anger to be a part of you.

The only time that you should think about the things that make you angry is when you have already forgiven the people involved. When you have forgiven everyone, you will think good thoughts about them and these thoughts will not hurt you at all.

Coping with anger will harm your health.

Many stroke victims are known to have been made angry on the day that they experienced their stroke. This possible danger is present for anyone who carries anger around on the inside of them.

Not only are having strokes a concern, but there are also the problems of high blood pressure and heart disease that can take place as a direct result of trying to cope rather than getting rid of anger.

Coping with anger is not good for you.

Count them how many good decisions have you made when you were angry. The facts are that anger does not produce good decisions.

So when you go around constantly with anger inside you, even if you are coping with it, it can still cloud your judgment and lead you into bad decision making.

Take note of what attracts you.

Take a look at what attracts you. Do you like the presence of people that are angry? If so, you are likely to be someone that is coping with anger. Are the movies you like violent, or do they show angry people getting even? Are the songs you listen to the songs of an angry singer? If your answer is yes, you need to do yourself a favor and get your anger taken care of.

What you need to do.

If you are just managing to cope with your anger, there are hosts of anger management techniques that can be used to release it properly. The list is too long to get into right now.

However, you need to learn to relax. You can start on this right away, but know that this is an important part of releasing anger. When you have anger inside, you will be tense and anxious. Once you are able to recognize these things, you will be able to get rid of them. As you relax more and more, your anger levels will also go down.

Secondly, if you are just coping and you know it, get yourself into a good anger management class. A good class will help you to use the techniques that will help you to become completely free from just coping with anger.

You will not just be coping, you will be in control. - 31891

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