6 Ways To Use Christian Anger Management

By Broyde McDonald

The instructions for Christian anger management can be found throughout the Bible, especially in the writings of the Proverbs and the Psalms. It is using these guidelines that Christians are to set living examples for the world so that it becomes a more ordered and peaceful place.

The instructions are not plentiful, but from place to place the wording is different. However, the meaning of what is said is not changed.

On this page we will quickly look at six of them.

Stay away from anger

As you read the Bible you will see why this instruction is a part of the Christian anger management plan. Two immediate reasons that are given are that firstly, anger leads to sin, and second it puts you in danger of God's judgment.

Overlook things

Just let people get away with things. Fix the damage that they have caused you, and put them in the hands of God and let him get even with them. He will allow them to reap what they sow. But remember that a huge part of the plan for us is to be forgiven as we forgive those that trespass against us.

It is still sin

The situation is that someone has angered you and you go and cuss them out or do some other thing to soothe your hurt feelings.

The truth is you have just done something that is wrong in God's eyes. It doesn't matter that you were made angry by the people you attacked. You are expected to be cooler than that, and to not be cool can get you into trouble.


Prayer is the beginning of all Christian effort. Many things are done in the world without prayer, but for something to be recognized as a Christian thing prayer has to be involved. Praying is the way that a Christian gets God to be a part of things, and without prayer it is not guaranteed that God will be a part of it.

Don't hold it for long

The first course of action when angry is to get away from the angry feeling. The guidelines are that the sun should not go down before the Christian is calm.

This does not mean that you are to use faith to stop the sun from moving. It is telling you that as a Christian, it is in your best interest to get rid of your anger before the sun goes down. - 31891

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