Expressing Anger

By Broyde McDonald

Properly expressing anger is an energy and time saver for people. If you can express your anger better than other people, you will have more people that are ready to work with and help you. You will also see that the better you are at calmly expressing your anger the fewer the times will be that you actually get angry.

Fundamental parts of yourself will need to be uprooted if you are going to express your anger properly. The reason is because as children we observe our caretakers and from them learn how we are going to be expressing our anger.

This is why you should make it a must that children not be around people who do not know how to show their anger in safe ways.

We Show Anger In Three Ways

There are three main ways that people express anger. There are outward expressions which include violence as well as yelling, making threats, and being sarcastic, which is a milder form of outward expression.

When a person seethes or boils with anger on the inside but does not show it outwardly, this person is making an inward expression of his anger. This is a very unhealthy practice. It leads to health problems, one of the biggest being blood circulation problems. This form of anger is often the type that also turns to rage.

Both these forms of anger are not the best you can do.

Besides these two you can express your anger better by asserting yourself when you are calm. All you need to do is while you are relaxed, talk to the people who is offending you. Tell them what they did to frustrate you. But when you do this remember to do it so that you get agreement and not an argument.

The goal is to stop thinking about your anger and the source of it.

This is what you can do

One of the better things you can do beside learning to recognize when you are becoming angry is to learn to relax. You may think you already know how to do this but learn to do it better.

When you can relax, you find that you do not need to express anger in bad ways. If you take the time to really notice your feelings, you will recognize that anger brings anxiety and tension with it. Once you can relax you will get rid of this tension and expressing anger in the right way will be easier for you. - 31891

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