3 More Reasons Why You Should Manage Your Anger

By Broyde McDonald

You always hear about being angry can harm you. However, your anger also affects the people who are around you as well.

How Your Anger Hurts The People Around You

They have to stay away from you

There are people who care a lot about you. That is at least most of you.

There is a problem. Believe it or not, there are people who love and would like to be around you. These people will think that you are someone special. However, they stay away to protect themselves from you. The thing is, you are capable of harming them, or you may just be an anti social person. And because of this they stay away for their own safety and emotional strength.

Your anger can cause the people who care about you to feel as if they are dead inside.

When you are mad, you make other people mad

A major reason why smart people would stay away from you is because when you are angry your anger will without a doubt cause them to be mad too.

Just like happiness, sadness, and disappointment, anger is just an emotion. And because it is just an emotion, it is easily transferred from one person to another. That is just the way that emotions work, emotions are contagious.

This means that if I know you are angry, and I go around you for just five minutes, I run the risk of having my entire day messed up. How smart a person am I to go where you are, knowing what is likely to happen?

Angry people can mess up a child for life

You may have also seen that children learn angry behaviors in a very short space of time.

When your child looks at you and learns to act angry like you do, you have without question made his life more complicated. The reason why is because if he does not unlearn this awkward behavior he will only learn how his destructive behavior can be made worse.

What you are going to get is a little person who becomes an adult that is likely to see every problem that people with uncontrolled anger see. There will be a difference with his problems though. His problems are likely to come while he is still young. Which would also mean that during his adult life his anger would affect him more, more than it did for the person he learned to be angry from.

Stop it. Don't let it just keep on happening. Control your anger. The anger management classes we have here will see you through the hard parts of what it takes to get your anger under control. - 31891

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