Why Can't You Learn How To Control Anger?

By Trevor Johnson

It's a lesson that many people need to know how to do. How to control anger, it's something that I am often highly at fault of doing too. It's really hard when you hold anger in for so long that when it comes out you affect everyone around you in the wrong way.

Well you need to learn how not to hold that anger in, talk about the problems and the anger that you feel inside. Either you do that with a friend or a therapist, whichever will work best for you. Because those massive explosions of anger can cause you many problems.

Before it causes you more problems, including health problems get the help that you need. Or try and teach yourself a way to react in the right way when you're angry. Hey it's not like the pot calling the kettle black here either. I'm a huge person who has problems with my anger.

Its lead too many health problems too, high blood pressure and many other things. There are times that I can listen to this advice. While other days I just blow it all off and every time I turn around I'm yelling about something that is just stupid.

Something that has helped out in those more reasonable times, is taking time out. Meaning that I do something that relaxes me and just get away from it all. Be it listening to favorite songs, or drawing it doesn't matter. Even at times it's playing a game that is something that will take my mind off everything else.

One of the classic ways is music or something that will simple take your mind off of that thing that caused you to be upset in the first place. Games can actually be a good release for that tension and anger that you have building up. But you will still need to find ways that you can control how it comes out to other people.

To have a successful life and any type of relationship that anger needs to be learned how to be controlled. Start working on your angry moods now and you'll notice the benefit! - 31891

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