Strategies For Coping With Anger

By Trevor Johnson

There are many things that come into our lives that can cause anger. Not all anger is bad, some of it gives us energy and passion to right the wrongs in the world. However, if you find that you are getting angry over the little things in life that truly do not matter, you may need some help in coping with anger.

If you are going to effectively deal with anger, you must begin by getting in touch with your own feelings. Living in anger constantly is bad for your health and can destroy relationships. Rather than allowing anger to control your life, ask yourself what is bothering you? Try to avoid anger from one situation onto people that are not involved in that situation.

To effectively deal with anger, you should know what your triggers are. What is it that makes you angry most often? Is it dealing with authority, jealousy or some other trigger?

Learn to give yourself a time out. When you recognize anger rising in you, let people know that you need time to walk away from the situation to calm down. Deep breathing and finding a quiet calm place can help you to become more rational and deal with a situation constructively.

Take responsibility for the way that you react to a situation. While situations can fuel our angry feelings, we ultimately have the final choice in how we respond. No one has to say hurtful things to the persons that they love just because they are angry. Instead, learn to replace negative responses with positive behaviors.

It is okay to assert yourself and use I statements. Describe your feelings to the other person and do not make accusations.

If you are trying to overcome an angry lifestyle, do not add drugs or alcohol to the mix. These substances can often relax your inhibitions and allow you to say or do things that you will be sorry for at a later time. - 31891

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