Manage Your Anger - 6 Great Tips

By Jeanene Fisher

Everyone has experienced anger lots of times. I now I have. How about you?

It is normal to have anger, but anger needs to be controlled. Some people have trouble with that. Not managing anger ruins careers, relationships, and can lead to crime if left unchecked.

Learning to deal with and control your anger is very important. Here are some suggestions to help manage your anger.

1. Do you have someone in your life that is easy to TALK to? Who is understanding? Perhaps you have a family member or close friend who qualifies. Try talking your anger out with them. This lets you tell your side of the story and hopefully you will listen as your friend explains the story from a different perspective. Talking it out, listening to other ideas, may help you to understand your anger and thus manage it.

2. When you are in a state of anger, try WRITING down your thoughts and feelings. When you write, no one talks back - isn't that great? When you write you will also likely identify some of the "triggers" that actually cause your outbursts. Use pen and paper or the computer - both work well.

3. Have you ever wanted to do something PHYSICAL to someone? You'd like to "take it out" on them because they did something to you. Don't assault the person. Use all that pent up energy at the gym, go for a run, or even hit a pillow. By releasing that energy on a neutral article, you can manage your anger and not hurt anyone in the process.

4. Can you take a vacation or just get away to spend some time alone? Removing yourself from the environment that makes you angry and frustrated will give you the opportunity to see things differently. You may also find solutions to the problem.

5. This may not be for everyone, but many people find help with their anger by turning to PRAYER and MEDITATION. When you pray or meditate, you are alone with your thoughts. This is a great way to release tension. If you can let go of your anger and your negative thoughts, your life will make a change for the positive.

6. Deep breathing techniques, physical exercise, getting more rest, getting out in nature, learning to find humor in the situation, or playing or listening to music are a few other ways of getting control of your anger.

So work on using some of these ways to manage your anger. Uncontrolled anger brings lots of adverse consequences. Controlled anger will let you a happier life. - 31891

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