Learn How To Control Anger

By Trevor Johnson

How to control anger: for some people this is a highly needed lesson. While others don't have many problems with anger and easily control it. Are you a person who holds everything inside until you explode in one massive anger bomb, taking down anyone and everyone in range?

Well you need to learn how not to hold that anger in, talk about the problems and the anger that you feel inside. Either you do that with a friend or a therapist, whichever will work best for you. Because those massive explosions of anger can cause you many problems.

Find out a way that when you notice yourself getting angry that you don't react like you normally would. You can actually cause yourself heart attacks or anxiety attacks if you don't learn these things. It's hard to be seething and full of anger and control it as it comes out.

But what about those people around you, how do they react to your anger outburst? Usually not very well, and it can lead to divorce, or splitting up, spouse cheating on you and so many other things. Anger is not a good thing to keep bottled up, but you need to control it when you release it too.

Learn what is causing your anger and try to avoid that cause. If it's something you can't avoid, teach yourself to react to it differently. Be it through walking away, or trying to discuss things in a more mature way besides yelling and throwing a fit.

One of the classic ways is music or something that will simple take your mind off of that thing that caused you to be upset in the first place. Games can actually be a good release for that tension and anger that you have building up. But you will still need to find ways that you can control how it comes out to other people.

That can be accomplished in many different ways for different people. It could be music, movies, games, or anything else. Your key is finding the right thing that can help you relax and control your anger. - 31891

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