Anger Management Skills

By Ceri Jones

Many learned people, so-called experts, philosophers and the rest, inform us about anger and anger management skills, but do they give you the inside story? There are people all over the world with anger issues, some mild, some extreme and some which are within the normal bounds of the emotion of anger.

We are told about all the symptoms of anger, which include kicking, fighting, slapping, verbally abusing, physically abusing and mentally abusing. We find reports from around the world about the countless episodes related to violence in the criminal world. Finally, we hear many stories about how to deal with anger using anger management skills.

Firstly, anger is an emotion that acts on impulses. Anger is good, until it becomes unmanageable. This happens when a person feels displeasured and acts on the impulses of his or her emotions radically. However, there are some persons who get angry as a direct result of procrastination.

You can see it in an example with a person that gets angry with a cable company. Let's say that this person has been dealing for more than three months with issues involving a cable company, herself and a third party. This person was paying a bill which included channels ordered by someone else, but the company refused to give her the selection of channels that she had ordered in her own right.

She went through a series of processes, and finally, after she had done as instructed, the company advised her that she would have to take full responsibility for what had already passed. In other words, she would have to pay for all the channels on the bill, only some of which she had ordered. Now, she was in no position to do much about it since she did not live at the address. Finally, she blew her top and told the company off, walking quickly out the front door, mumbling you stupid bloody idiots.

This person was pushed to anger and this happens too many times in society these days, yet the world only sees the angry persons. We can look at other theories about anger and anger management skills, and see that the blanks are not filled in. When a person has an anger issue, he or she does not necessarily have that problem everyday. Rather, in most instances the person builds up to the point of going out of control.

Often a person will go for a week, month, or even longer before they explode in anger. If the person has mental illness, alcohol or drug problems, this contributes to the anger issues, however in many cases the person does not get too angry every day.

So, we can see that not only do we need to learn anger management skills to contain anger; we also must teach people to approach each problem as it occurs. Procrastination comes in many forms and it includes putting off emotional issues until they are too hot to handle. Many violent people often have a dangerous mental illness underlying their anger. Many people that are angry because of procrastination have a degree of control, and it usually does not lead to anger.

However if someone is pushed hard enough this may occur. Anger is involved with the process of expressing emotions, however when a person is angry they may have difficulty relating to the underlying reason for the anger, which means that they may have very poor anger management skills. - 31891

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